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  • Contact us to let us know you are interested in becoming an umpire. You will receive a welcome note with information about our training program.


  • Attend the training sessions (see the calendar for more information). These are classroom, gym, and field training sessions designed to get you ready to umpire. The training is free to you.


  • Pay your annual USA Softball Registration fee. You can pay this at any training session or any general membership meeting also online.


  • Sign our online  Association Member Services Agreement.


  • Fill out an USA Softball  background check form. You will need to submit it with a copy of your driver’s license at a training or general membership meeting.


  • Attend the General Membership meetings. These are held once a month from January to April and offer essential updates to rules and mechanics as well as a chance to meet and mingle with all the association umpires. Check out the upcoming events/calendar to find the time and location of the next meeting.


  • Upon completing the training, you will get information about how to log into our assignment system. Once you fill out all required information on Arbiter, including your availability, we will let the assigners know that you are ready to work games.


  • Working high school games have additional registration and requirements, be sure to ask your training staff what else you will need to do to get on a high school field.


  • Get out on the field and umpire some games!

 USA Softball of Houston Uniform Requirements

  • All clothing shall be washed and cleaned on a regular basis and be wrinkle-free at the beginning of each day’s assignments. Shoes shall be brushed and polished before each day’s assignments and cleaned between assignments on the same day.


  • When multiple umpires are working a game they must all dress in the same color scheme. Everyone must be in same color shirt and pants. There can be different length uniform sleeves on the same field as long as the shirts are the same color. All umpires do not have to be in jackets.


  • If a shirt is worn under the powder blue shirt, it must be plain and white. If a shirt is worn under the navy blue shirt, it must be plain and navy blue.


  • In all games the powder blue shirt and gray pants are the default uniform. Variations are up to the umpiring crew.

Dress Code

  • For all USA Softball  sanctioned games, the umpire shall wear the powder blue or navy USA Softball  shirt and heather gray or navy pants or navy shorts(slow pitch only) and the approved USA Softball cap and ball bag(s). Shoes and belt must be black, all other equipment shall be as mandated in the most current USA

  • Softball Rule Book.



HAT: USA Softball Logo Navy blue, fitted, 6 or 8 stitch.


SHIRT: USA Softball  Logo Powder blue pullover with navy and white trim on collar and sleeves, or USA Softball Logo, Navy blue pullover with red and white trim on collar and sleeves.


UNDERSHIRT: White short sleeved with Powder blue uniform shirt. Navy short sleeved with Navy blue uniform shirt.


PANTS: Heather gray long dress pants with belt loops for fastpitch games.Heather gray or navy, shorts or long dress pants with belt loops for slowpitch games.


BELT: All black with plain silver buckle


SOCKS: Black or Navy, above ankle length


SHOES: ALL BLACK athletic shoes


INDICATOR: Balls, Strikes, and Outs minimum, Innings optional


BRUSH: Black bristle


JACKET: USA Softball Navy blue jacket pullover or zip up.


SUNGLASSES: Black frame with non-reflective lenses. Straps holding glasses must fit tight to head.


GLOVES: Black or navy blue if needed


TIME PIECE: Watch or stopwatch carried in your pocket



HAT: USA Softball Logo, Navy blue, fitted, 4 or 6 stitch.


PANTS: Heather gray long dress pants with belt loops, preferably cut for plate umpires. No shorts can be worn.


SHOES: ALL BLACK plate shoes


MASK: All black frame, pads, and harness


BALL BAG: USA Softball Logo, Navy blue or Gray. Either one or two bags


FLIPPING COIN: For determining home team, when necessary




SHIN GUARDS: Worn under pants


CHEST PROTECTOR: Worn under shirt

USA Softball of Houston UIC Contacts

Stoney Burke         Commissioner        281.723.3033

Brian Mount           Slowpitch UIC          713.876.8274

John Scott               Fastpitch UIC            281.686.2913



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