Become an umpire for USA Softball of Houston (USASH) today!
The USA Softball umpire program is among the nation's largest officiating organizations with over 26,000 officials actively involved each year.  As the 4th most populous metropolitan area in the United States, you will find that opportunity awaits in Houston.
USA Softball Register provides umpire registrations, background checks and the umpire exam online; these services are usually administered through the State or Metro USA office. ID cards for registration and for background checks are also available to each umpire.

Become part of the rich USA Softball heritage and register with USA Softball of Houston today, attend an Umpire Certification Clinic and become a USA Softball Certified Umpire !

How do I become an Affiliate Member of USA Softball of Houston:  If you are a registered/certified member of another association (TX – Texas or TX – DFW Metro – TX – San Antonio) you need to complete the information below and pay an affiliation fee of $25.00 via PayPal or Credit Card to umpire in USA Softball of Houston.

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